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L'Intrapreneuriat, un défi pour les grands groupes

par Marc Evangélista


Date : Novembre 2020

Editions : LibriSphaera
L’intrapreneuriat peut s’avérer un levier redoutable pour transformer de nouvelles idées en business viable et durable. Cet ouvrage décrit les ingrédients clés à considérer et à mettre en œuvre pour ceux qui souhaitent se lancer dans cette aventure passionnante qui est avant tout une aventure humaine, celle de faire éclore de nouveaux talents. Il donne aussi des conseils et décrit des situations qui seront utiles aux intrapreneurs ou ceux qui sont tentés par cette fantastique aventure.


Intrapreneuriat : dépasser la mythologie des super-héros

par Georget V., Maniak R. et Rayna T.


Date : mars 2019

Editions : Southwestern: Cengage Learning.

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Date: 2018

Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Kuratko D.F., Morris M.H. and Covin J.G - Publication en Anglais


Date : 2008
Editions : Southwestern: Cengage Learning.
Built on years of research and experience, the book employs a clear and informative how-to approach and features sections and chapters organised according to a summary model of the corporate entrepreneurship process. 

Corporate innovation and Entrepreneurship : Entrepreneurial Development Within Organizations

Kuratko D.F., Morris M.H. and Covin J.G - Publication en Anglais


Date : 2008
Lieu: Boston Mass
Editions : Southwestern, Cengage Learning.
Pages : 483
A summary model of the corporate entrepreneurship process, making it easy to develop an effective course plan and pace while introducing students to the emerging field of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Kuratko D.F., Morris M.H. and Covin J.G - Publication en Anglais


Date : 2002
Lieu: Orlando, Florida.
Editions : 
Harcourt College Publishers


A Note on Corporate Venturing and New Business Creation

by David A. Garvin - Publication en Anglais


Date : March, 2002
Lieu: Boston Mass
Editions : Harvard Business School Press.
Pages : 20

Describes the need for companies to create new businesses, the stages in the process, predictable problems and challenges, the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches such as internal venture divisions and corporate venture capital funds, and guidelines for successful practice.

Intrapreneurship: an exploratory study of select Norwegian industries

by Saetre A.S - Publication en Anglais


Date : 2001
Editions : NTNU Trondheim,
a study financed by the Norwegian Research Council.
Pages : 101


Corporate Venturing: An Overview

par Backholm A<br /> - Publication en Anglais


Date : 1999
Editions : Helsinki University of Technology, Institute of Strategy and International Business.
Working Paper Series
77 pages


Corporate venturing: creating new businesses within the firm.

by Block Z. and MacMillan I.C. - Publication en Anglais<br />


Date : 1993
Lieu: Boston Mass
Editions : Harvard Business School Press.

Pages : 371

This book describes how established firms innovate through corporate venturing.

Intrapreneuring: Why you don't have to leave the corporation to become an entrepreneur

by Gifford Pinchot - Publication en Anglais


Date : 1985
Lieu : New York
Editions : Harper and Row.

Describing one of the most liberating concepts to emerge in business, the author tells the budding corporate entrepreneur how successfully innovate within his or her company: how to choose an idea, how to get it approved, where to find the necessary funds, and how to make the project succeed.