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Explore the difference between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship to learn why intrapreneurs get a head start when launching a new venture.
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After having worked with hundreds of intrapreneurs, Studio Zao has collected insights into a six-step IMPACT Framework to help entrepreneurial individuals with a bottom-up approach to delivering corporate innovation projects within large organisations.
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A guide by People Director at large organisations such as Sony and Kellogs and Studio Zao’s advisor Teresa Kotlicka to discover 5 ways to spot intrapreneurial skills and promote entrepreneurial talent within your organisation.
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TOOLS – The Studio Zao’s Intrapreneurship challenge

6 intrapreneurship lessons with tips and tools for leaders and intrapreneurs alike, looking to innovate in an uncertain and cost-cutting paradigm.

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WEBINAR – Inside jHub : Driving Innovation From Within UK’s Ministry of Defence

Studio Zao interviews Natasha Gedge, Chief Operating Officer at JHub, Central Innovation Hub of Strategic Command, UK Ministry of Defence, as she shares her experience on empowering internal talent to drive business growth.

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