Head of Telefónica Open Innovation Campus 

Previously Head of Innovation Portfolio at Core Innovation (until March 2020)


Also ​

Co-author of the HBR Case Study “Telefonica: A Lean Elephant”  

Co-author of the white paper “Lean Elephants” and author of the white paper “Intrapreneurship: 10 lessons from the trenches” 

Co-author of two books (both in Spanish) “The agile enterprise” and “Lean Startup: a practical application guide for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and trainers.”


Mad Skill

Testing new things


My philosophy

Never stop learning. Learn something new every single day

Lean Elephants Intrapreneurship program




Its Ambition 

Generate new growth engines for Telefónica.
And foster entrepreneurial mindset, skills and methods in employees.


How it works

  • Innovation Calls for ideas focused on our innovation thesis. Where employees submit their ideas and if they get selected they devote 100% of their time to work on them, becoming intrapreneurs.

  • Incubation process based on stage gates to invest in our internal ventures incrementally as the ventures progress with validated learnings with evidences from the market and the uncertainty decreases.

  • Mentoring and training for our intrapreneurs and teams in entrepreneurial way of working, methods and skills.

  • Innovation Accounting system to measure progress of the internal ventures and results of the program and venture portfolio.

Its successes 

+70 internal ventures incubated

+20 new products and technologies transferred to the business units

1 business unit , 1 new company  and 1 spin-out created

Manager pioneer



I was responsible for setting-up the Lean Elephants intrapreneurship program​​.
And then responsible for running and evolving it (since 2012 till March 2020).
And foster entrepreneurial mindset, skills and methods in employees.


Main achievements and responsibilities

  • Part of the core team that defined the Lean Elephants intrapreneurship framework.

  • Setting-up the program framework after its definition and then running it.

  • Managing and coordinating the Innovation Calls.

  • Fostering conceptualisation of new ideas to get high quality innovation proposals.

  • Mentoring of innovation internal ventures, coaching intrapreneurs and teams.

  • Setting the right environment to allow the intrapreneurship way of working in the company.

  • Evolving the Lean Elephants framework, testing new ways to improve it and adapt it.

  • Disseminating best intrapreneurship practices in the company.

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